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The new interactive City Dialogue via OneCard of St. Petersburg

22 January 2021
The interactive service of OneCard of St. Petersburg «City Dialogue» provides direct feedback from citizens

A new service City Dialogue created to conduct surveys on St. Petersburg development and receive direct feedback from citizens. These surveys are operating in the mobile application of the OneCardSPb.

Interactive service City Dialogue is a system of electronic polling. Each survey lasts two weeks. Person logs in to the holder's personal account via web portal or mobile application of the OneCardSPb.

Citizens get points for every completed survey and exchange for prizes in the «Rewards Store» by choosing tickets to theaters, museums, sports events, as well as souvenirs, certificates to shops, promotional codes for access to online - cinemas and libraries.

Detailed profile also add points and allow receiving special offers according to personal interests of a cardholder.

The new service launched in December 2020. The polling topics include issues of the OneCardSPb privileges, city lighting, children playgrounds, catering at schools and kindergartens, professional experience of citizens, city services etc.

The polling personalized according to the area of ​​residence or municipal district.

Feedback from active participants (cardholders) helps to develop services. The results of the survey on the OneCardSPb services displays that residents are mostly interested in receiving information about cultural events in the city, tracking the history of trips on public transport, paying for utilities through with OneCardSPb.

The most demanded is the opportunity to save money in metro, as there are various discounts for cardholders.

New polls of the City Dialogue on the scientific achievements of St. Petersburg scientists, preferences in choosing book resources, cleanliness of city streets are available on the OneCardSPb portal and in the mobile application.