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St. Petersburg significant contribution to the achievement of the target indicators of the Strategy for the socio-economic development of the North-West Federal District

1 February 2021

The Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of St. Petersburg monitored the implementation of the Plan for the implementation of the Strategy of the Northwestern Federal District for the period until 2020.

St. Petersburg made a significant contribution to achieving the target indicators of the Strategy. In particular, according to the data for 2019, life expectancy at birth in St. Petersburg was 76.3 y. (with the target value for the Northwestern Federal District for 2019 - 75 y.). The unemployment rate in St. Petersburg was 1.4% (target value - 3.5%). Exports of St. Petersburg in 2019 amounted to USD 27,613.9 mln.

Thus the city's contribution to the total export volume of the macroregion increased over the period of the Strategy implementation from 38% to 54%.

The implementation of the Strategy is completed. The document states promising guidelines and directions for the development of the regional socio-economic complex, as well as the development opportunities and outcomes - summary indicators of the economy and social sphere of the district.