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Most of the indicators of the socio-economic development of St. Petersburg are ahead of the forecasts made during the pandemic

22 March 2021
Today, at a meeting of the Government of St. Petersburg, the results of the social and economic development of 2020 were summed up and the priority measures to ensure sustainable economic development and social stability in St. Petersburg in 2021 were announced. Chairman of the Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of St. Petersburg Valery Moskalenko made a presentation.

To a large extent, the economic indicators of 2020 were influenced by the epidemiological situation and the introduction of a number of restrictive measures, which nevertheless made it possible to save the lives and health of citizens, to prepare the health care system for colossal loads.

“The impact of the pandemic on the economy of St. Petersburg is clearly shown by the monthly dynamics of the turnover of organizations. The largest decline was recorded in the period from April to June. However, further the turnover of organizations grew consistently, and in December it exceeded the value of 2019. At the end of the year, the turnover amounted to 13.8 trillion. rubles, almost equal to the indicator of 2019, ”said Valery Moskalenko.

Positive dynamics was achieved due to measures of state support for business, the population and the health care system, which in total exceeded 130 billion rubles.

The main indicator of the state of the industry - the index of industrial production, after a steady growth at the beginning of the year, showed a negative trend in April. Further, the IIP gradually recovered, amounting to 98.2% at the end of the year (above the national average). At the same time, in manufacturing, the IIP is practically at the level of 2019.

3.4 million square meters were commissioned in the construction sector.

Retail turnover decreased by 2%, amounting to 1.5 trillion rubles. The inflation rate was 4.7%, below the national average.

The volume of paid services rendered to the population decreased by 18.4%, the turnover of public catering - by 30.5%.

Organizations working in IT and communications showed significant growth. Their turnover increased by 16.4%, and the number of IT companies accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development increased by more than 20%. The services of such companies were in great demand abroad as well. The volume of export of services in St. Petersburg increased by 10.4%, amounting to 929.6 million US dollars.

Foreign trade turnover amounted to 42.6 billion US dollars.

The volume of investments in fixed assets is 778 billion rubles. The largest volume of investments was recorded in the spheres of industry, transportation and storage, as well as real estate transactions. Also, investments in the healthcare sector have tripled, and in IT and communications by 40%.

St. Petersburg has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Russian Federation by the end of 2020 - 3.6% (according to the methodology of the International Labor Organization). By the end of December, the number of self-employed increased by 4 times compared to the level of the end of March and amounted to almost 100 thousand people.

The population of St. Petersburg - 5.386 million people.

Main measures to ensure the further sustainable development of St. Petersburg in 2021:

To continue work to support and develop enterprises in the affected sectors of the city economy.

To stimulate investment and improve the city's business climate.

To develop science, innovation and technology.

To improve the quality of citizens life.

In particular, one of the main tasks remains increasing the sustainability of the city health care system. The reserve fund will be used if the situation worsens.

Despite the difficulties of the post-crisis period, the development of social infrastructure continues. Plans to complete construction and purchase of about 50 social facilities in 2021.