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St. Petersburg was awarded the winner diploma of the XIII International Competition of Urban Practices "The City Where You Want to Live-2020" for the project "One Card St.Petersburg"

26 March 2021

The northern capital is recognized as one of the leaders in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).
The participants in the competition were capitals, centers of administrative-territorial entities and other large cities of the member states of the CIS and the EAEU, technology developers, manufacturers of goods and services, and Mass Media.

The achievements presented by the cities for the review competition are considered by the expert group of the Competition Commission on the quality and effectiveness of decisions, social and economic effect, as well as the possibility of their implementation in other regions.

The peculiarity of this competition is that it is ideologically and organizationally focused on identifying specific examples of solving urban problems, taking into account local conditions, characteristics and assessing the achievement from the standpoint of what the city actually managed to do to improve the comfort and life quality of citizens.

Competition diplomas were also awarded to projects and initiatives of St. Petersburg in the field of improvement, culture, art, education.

The winning works will be included in the "Library of Urban Practices" and recommended for implementation in the cities of the CIS and the EAEU.

The competition "The City Where You Want to Live" has been held since 1998 by the International Assembly of Capitals and Large Cities in conjunction with the CIS Executive Committee, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Federal Structure and Local Self-Government Issues and the All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government. The assembly includes 87 cities of the CIS, including St. Petersburg.