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Strategic planning

The Strategy of the socio-economic development of St. Petersburg for 2035

The Strategy of the socio-economic development of St. Petersburg for 2035 is a fundamental instrument of strategic planning in St. Petersburg, and identifies  priorities, goals and targets of socio-economic policy in the long term.

The Strategy drafted over two years with the participation of Committees, experts, representatives of Science, Business and social organizations. Goals and targets of city development  consistent with priorities and goals of Russian Federation. The Strategy will become the main document determining the future of St. Petersburg for the next 17 years.

The Strategy of the socio-economic development of St. Petersburg for 2035 adopted by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, and approved by ab Act № 771-164 of 19 December, 2018.

The Strategy-2035 is based on strategic using of the resources and the benefits of St. Petersburg such as the rich cultural heritage and a worldwide reputation of the city, a diversified economy and an extensive scientific potential, the advantageous geographical position and, the key point is citizens with the high standards of education and culture.

In the Strategy-2035 have been identified three development priorities of St. Petersburg. The main focus being on the technological breakthrough, the creating a comfortable environment, the openness to new ideas and skills.

The main lines of socio-economic policy of St. Petersburg are the development of human capital, the increasing of the quality of the urban environment, the achieving sustained economic growth, the ensuring administrative efficiency and the development of civil society.

Eighteen goals were established in this manner. Among them, the improving public health and the significant increase in life expectancy, the enhancing the quality and accessibility of education, the achieving a harmonious personal development, the increasing of transport accessibility and the efficiency of transport system, the development of competitive environment and the supporting of individual business initiatives, the increasing availability of accommodation and the quality of housing and utility services, the ensuring the environmental prosperity.